Robonaut is a top-down 3D simplified asteroid mining simulator with the intention of demonstrating the challenges of deep-space navigation alongside it’s potential economic gain.

Robonaut’s ship, asteroids compositions, and UI were concepted through reference of NASA engineers and documentation that were at the event in order to provide developers insight into making a realistic outer space experience.

Robonaut is a PC game developed by a team of 7 over a 3 day period at the 2016 Indie Galactic Game Jam. It can be downloaded here for free on

– Winner of the Best in the Universe Award and $2,000 by Space Florida
– Finalist at I/ITSEC 2016’s Serious Games Challenge
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My Tasks:

  • Create an equation for realistic asteroid composition by referencing NASA engineers and scientific research
  • Balance payload gain versus repair cost with respect to NASA’s projections of deep-space mining
  • Develop a mining tool upgrade system