Solar Windsurfer

Solar Windsurfer is 3D endless runner featuring a young alien named Grom learning how to sail on solar winds. The game is a sci-fi fiction based on the 2018 Parker Solar Probe launched the month prior to the jam

These aliens are resistant to extreme heat and get their kicks from flying up from jets of radiation and magnetic fields from the solar surface. The elders pass on scientific tips about the sun the newest generation as they learn how to master sailing through the sun’s magnetic field and avoid flares.

Solar Windsurfer is a PC game developed by a team of 10 over a 3 day period at the 2018 Indie Galactic Game Jam. It can be downloaded here for free on

– Winner of 2nd Place and $1,500 by Space Florida

My Tasks:

  • Develop solar lighting and post-processing effects for magnetic boosts