Death by Oil (Fall 2018)

A 3D tank-walker game where the player pilots a mechanical walker in a desperate war for resources. Most of my tasks were QA related, organizing playtests and writing reports from them and working closely with the programming teams to optimize the game experience. I also oversaw the audio pipeline and designed / implemented all of the lighting and post-processing effects.

Ransacked (Spring 2018)

A 3D thieving game where the player’s bag can hold an infinite amount of items, but still carries the weight. As lead designer, my main task was to oversee the artists and level designer’s work on loot and house assets with respect to our design pillars. I also designed and implemented the spawn systems for populating houses with loot and the gameplay values for the lootable items.

The Cure (Fall 2017)

A twin-stick shooter where the player’s health is a timer, ticking down as they expose themselves to an airborne zombie virus. I designed much of the gameplay content (gear, weapons, enemy types & behaviors) and scripted the waves of combat encounters in C#.

Game Jams & Smaller Works

Solar Wind Surfer (Fall 2018)

Indie Galactic Game Jam 2018 (2nd place winner)
A 3D endless runner that takes place on the surface of the sun. The game’s narrative is based on the 2018 Parker Solar Probe that launched a month prior to the jam. I balanced basic gameplay elements like boost speed and the rate of solar flares spawning in addition to the solar lighting and post-processing effects.

Robotnaut (Fall 2016)

Indie Galactic Game Jam 2016 (1st place winner)
A top-down 3D asteroid mining simulator with the intention of highlighting the economic risks and benefits of asteroid mining. I designed the equations for the elemental composition of asteroids by referencing the NASA documentation and engineers who were at the jam, as well as a tool upgrade tree for the mining satellite.